Nov 22 2015

Parchment Yellow Flower

I can’t believe the holidays are upon us! Wow, the time is going by fast. My sons flew in for the Thanksgiving break yesterday, I’m one happy Momma! One could seriously wish some cool winter temps would fly in as well. We are experiencing record warm temps here in hot, humid central Florida. I’ll be traveling to Chicago soon, I’m hoping I’ll see beautiful, frosty white snow.

IMG_8683 copy

I worked this beautiful Gerti Hofman design about a year ago and haven’t had an opportunity to get it photographed and posted. Since going back to work full time, time doesn’t seem to be my own. This picture doesn’t show the painting well, but I love the luminous white of the parchment and the beautiful cut out work around the focal design so I decided to include the picture in this post.

Yellow Flower

The design is published in Gerti’s book, The Art of Painting, with step-by-step painting instructions. The book is filled with beautiful designs, including several painting techniques with full color illustrated instructions using several mediums including felt tip markers, colored pencils, ink, as well as acrylic pintura paints. The outer peach tint of the card was dorsed to achieve the soft color. Dorsing is a technique using pastel crayons or colored pencils colored onto the back of the parchment paper, then smoothed out with a blending medium such as oil or odorless mineral spirits.

IMG_8692 copy

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I pray you are surrounded by loving family and friends with all His Blessings.

Thank you so much for your visit, until next time .   .   .

Jerri Siggy3

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Oct 27 2015

Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors Certification

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Hi friends, I’m back to share exciting news regarding my journey with parchment craft. This year I have taken and passed three levels of parchment craft exams with the Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors, a subsidiary of The UK Teacher Network.

The Academy was set up by Pat Murphy and Linda Williams. These ladies have been active in parchment craft for more than 20 years. They have both attended and taught at several workshops throughout the world. I’m so proud to call Pat and Linda my dear friends.

Pat is a certified Pergamano Instructor, a Fellow with the Parchment Craft Guild, as well as past chair of the Guild. She organizes an annual parchment craft exhibition at Bristol Temple Meads in the UK. Pat is co-founder of the Association of Parchment Crafters, created six years ago. Pat organized trips to Pergamano’s biggest shows, as well as organized workshops with English, Belgium and Dutch teachers in Holland developing a multi-cultural link of parchment tutors throughout Europe. Pat has been published in several parchment magazines.

Linda is a Master Pergamano Instructor, a Fellow with the Parchment Craft Guild in the UK, as well as past Chair of the Guild. She has a passion for designing and has authored four Pergamano books, has been published in several Pergamano M Magazines, as well as Parchment Craft magazines. Linda is resident teacher at Bristol Temple Meads craft exhibition, she has taught throughout Europe, including the Netherlands, France and Italy.

Pat and Linda came together with the dream of starting the academy to spread the craft throughout the world, to share their experiences and build up a network of tutors to share this beautiful craft in areas where tutors are not available. The academy is set up in a three tier system of exams.

Level 1 Cert

To be considered for Level 1, I had to have a basic background knowledge of parchment skills. The basic skills include: tracing with white ink, gold ink, tracing with white pencil, solid embossing, embossing with star/sun tools, stippling, perforated edges, cutting, lace border with multi-needle tools, 4-needle tool lace work, and dorsing using dorso crayons. I submitted several completed parchment designs I had worked to Pat and Linda for review. I was approved for the first level of exams. I was sent six exams to complete. Once I completed the exams they were sent to the UK for review by Linda and Pat. I’m proud to say I passed the first set of exams and was awarded the Level 1 Tutor certificate.

Level 1 Sample

This is an example of what an exam from Level 1 would be like. I created this design by stamping the image onto a sheet of paper using an Alesa Baker stamp. The butterfly is another Alesa Baker stamp that I decreased in size to fit within the scale of the design. Multiple techniques were used in working this design. This was not submitted as an exam, I made this merely to illustrate an example of what is expected at Level 1.

Level 2 Cert

I moved on to Level 2, which consisted of a continuation of Level 1 skills. In addition to Level 1 skills, Level 2 included shadow embossing and basic skills in painting, incorporating the use of ink, felt tip pens and dry pencils using multiple painting techniques, such as round and round, fine lines, among a few.

Red Wold Rose

This card is an example of what a Level 2 exam would be like using the above-mentioned painting techniques. This design was created by Gail Sydenham, a Fellow of the Parchment Guild, as well as past Chair of the Guild, a Pergamano tutor, author of Pergamano books and magazines, as well as designs in various parchment craft magazines. I worked this design from Gail’s book, My Precious Collection.

Snow Bells

This is an example of what a Level 2 exam would look like using the shadow embossing technique. Linda Williams designed this card for a parchment magazine a few years ago. I worked the card using Linda’s pattern, no ink was used. I traced the pattern with a white pencil and embossed the design. An insert card was dorsed with Pergamano dorsing crayons (light blue and green). It is ideal to achieve a smooth gradation of the colors transitioning smoothly together.

Level 3 Certificate

In July I successfully completed Level 3 exams with the Academy. Level 3 is a more advanced painting module. It includes acrylic paints, mixed media, inks and pencils (both wet and dry). The exams at this level are larger than the first two levels, and, as with each of the levels, there were six exams to be completed.

azalea exam

The sixth Level 3 exam could be that of another designer or we could design one of our own. I created this design by stamping the flower image using a masking technique onto white copy paper, I then drew the scrolls around the flowers. The border design was created by Linda Williams on one of her designs, I tweaked it a bit to work with my design.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Academy, please feel free to e-mail me, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Links are provided on the left side bar of my blog to The Academy, to the Parchment Guild and to The Association of Parchment Crafters.

Thank you so much for your visit, until next time .   .   .

Jerri Siggy3


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Oct 25 2015

Gail’s Parchment Daisies

Good morning Ladies, today I’m excited to share a beautiful design created by Gail Sydenham. The design is from her book My Precious Collection.  Gail’s book is fabulous, full of beautiful designs. I’ve completed several of them and will be posting them in the coming days. 

Gail's Daisy 1

This is one of the more challenging cards to work, but  . . . oh . . . so much fun! If you’re a parcher and love beautiful floral designs, this book is a must have! Gail doesn’t disappoint . . . I promise. I’ve included in the picture a few of the flowers I made with mulberry paper.

Gail's Daisy 3

These daisies are . . . . oh . . . so . . .  precious, it was such a delight to paint them. This design would be fabulous worked in pink and brown . . . . hmmm . . . . I’m just sayin’ . . . .


So much detail in this pattern, so much fun to work, Gail’s designs are absolutely amazing! If you’re a fan of grids, you’ll love this one.

Gail's Daisies 6

May your day be filled with delightful flowers!

Thank you so much for your visit, until next time .   .   .

Jerri Siggy3





Supplies Used:

Paper:  Regular Parchment Paper, Yellow Parchment Paper

Book:  My Precious Collection

Perforating Tools:  1-Needle2-Needle, Angle Tool

Embossing Tools:  Extra Small BallSmall BallLarge Ball, 2mm Star Embossing Tool, Extra Small Ball Stainless Steel, Fine Stylus Embossing Tool

Tinta Inks:  Leaf Green, White Tinta

Pintura Paints:  Yellow, Brown, Sepia, White, Black, Light Green, Dark Green

Accessories:   White PencilMapping Pen#2 Kolinsky Paint BrushEmbossing PadShallow Perforating PadDeep Perforating PadPerga GlueParchment ScissorsSpongeTear Off Palette, Perga Colours Exclusive, Multi Grid #4

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