Apr 15 2017

Easter Rose Picture

Hallelujah . . .  He is Risen!!

Wishing you and your family a day filled with Easter blessings. I pray you find peace, love, hope and faith in the spirit of God.

I have a vintage Easter rose wall decoration to share with you today. I’m beyond thrilled that Groovi is sharing the design on their Easter banners. Please stop over at Barbara Gray’s blog today to see what she has to share, you don’t want to miss it!
Rose Card JJ 2

While Easter lilies are always so beautiful, I chose to create a vintage Easter wall decoration using stamps from Jayne’s Roses. The design is quite large and perfect for hanging on a wall.

Rose Card JJ1

This picture is my first attempt with the design. I felt the border didn’t come together well, so I recreated the design by eliminating the outer dot border and adding a straight line in place of the dots. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of it but decided to include this photo to show you the design before I started painting.

This is not meant to be a full tutorial, but an attempt to give you an idea of the creative process going on behind the design.

For those of you in Europe, a list of the products used and shopping links are provided at the bottom of the post for shopping at ClarityStamps.com. For those of you in America or Canada, please e-mail me and I’ll contact you.

Rose Octogon

To create the inner border of dots I used the Groovi Octagon shape border plate. I created a template by placing the plate on a light box and drew lines with a pencil onto white copy paper. I elongated the octagon for my design. I then used the Border 2 plate to draw the outer border lines. I placed a sheet of parchment paper over the template and traced the lines using a white pencil.

Rose Line Border

A picture of the Border 2 plate I used to draw the straight lines you see to the far left. I also used this plate to emboss the white pencil lines.

Rose Grid

I used this straight border grid to emboss the dots around the inner border and the dots within the triangular outer border. After I embossed the border of dots and all straight lines, I used Dorso Oil to remove the white pencil lines.

Rose Stamps

I stamped the large rose pattern on a sheet of paper and created the rosebud border with the border stamp. The stamps are bendable. I placed the stamp on a clear block, bending the edges to go around the curves. I used the leaf stamp to create the leaf border within the design.

Rose Border Wash

In this picture you can see the stamped design on white copy paper. I used the masking technique to stamp the leaves within the border. I used the Pergamano semi-square perforating tool to shallow perforate around the outer border. The dots were embossed using the Groovi grid (which has become my “cannot do without” Groovi plate). I painted a wash on the buds with yellow and dark green Pintura paints. I painted the buds with Pintura skin and Pintura fuchsia paints.

Rose border on black

In this picture you can see the white lines and dot border I referred to above. When embossing I taped the parchment onto the border plate to prevent slippage. After stamping the leaves onto copy paper, I then traced them onto the parchment using white Tinta ink.

Rose Wash

Once I completed painting the rosebud border I painted a wash on the parchment (the image was stamped on white copy paper and placed under the parchment. I used Pintura paints to paint the image. For the rose I painted a wash of yellow and fuchsia. For the leaves I painted a wash of yellow and dark green. I used violet and blue for the smaller flowers, with yellow, yellow ochre and cinnamon in the flowers’ centers. I used dark green and cinnamon to paint the leaves and foliage of the smaller flowers.

Rose Wash Leaves

I continued to layer the image with washes, building up the color.

Rose Wash Leaves 4

The image looks a bit warped here due to my poor photography skills. At this point I was almost finished, I began working on finishing the leaves.

Rose Embossing 2

Once the painting was completed I let it dry for a few hours before I began the embossing. I dorsed the back of the focal image with the gold dorso crayon from the natural colors and dorsed the top with the light blue dorso crayon from the lively colors (Dorso Crayons). I dorsed around the rosebud border using the gold dorso crayon. I matched up one of my old Stampin’Up! ink pads to the fuchsia rose and used one of the ClarityStamp brushes to brush color onto the parchment behind the embossed leaves.

Rose Card JJ5

After completion of the embossing, I deeply perforated the perforations in the outer border and cut out the design. I attached a cream piece of card stock under the design. I then cut a piece of fuchsia card stock for a contrasting border and adhered that underneath the cream card stock. I finished it by cutting a larger piece of cream card stock for the bottom layer. I plan on taking this to a framer and having it framed for my guest bedroom.

Thank you for sharing a part of your Easter Sunday with me, it means the world to me!

Jerri Siggy3





Products used to create this card:

Groovi: Octagon Plate

Groovi: Borders 2 Plate

Groovi: Straight Piercing Grid Border

Groovi:  Parchment Paper

Clarity Stamps: Jayne’s Rose Stamps

Clarity Stamps: Brushes

Pergamano:  Semi-Square Perforating Tool; Single Needle Tool

Pergamano:  White Pencil Lead

Pergamano:  Tinta White Ink

Pergamano:  Dorso Oil

Pergamano:  Dorso Crayons

Pergamano:  Pintura Paints

Pergamano:  Hockey Stick, Extra Large Embossing Ball, Small Embossing Ball, Extra Small Embossing Ball and  Fine Embossing Ball Tools

Pergamano: Parchment Scissors

Pergamano:  Embossing Mat; Perforating Mat


Pergamano:  Watercolor Brush


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Mar 03 2017

Pergamano – Azaleas

Hello sweet friends, just popping in today with a quick post. The day is gorgeous here as you can see in the picture below. It’s bright and sunny; a cool and crisp spring day. I hope you’re experiencing the same weather wherever you are!

Jerr's Azaleas

Spring has come early this year, my azaleas started blooming a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been so inspired by the beautiful spring flowers, who wouldn’t be!

IMG_9978 copy

Browsing around through some old Pergamano books, I came across this gorgeous pattern from Gerti Hofman’s book, Eyecatching Designs – how perfect! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to give it a go. I’m so pleased with the finished card.

IMG_9941 copy

I took pictures of my azaleas this morning to include with this post. I have two azalea trees at the front entrance of my home that are light pink. Have I mentioned before that pink is my favorite color . . . these pale pink flowers bring a smile of pleasure.

IMG_9979 copy

Thank you so much for stopping by, sending you sweet warm Spring wishes for a fabulous weekend. I hope you take time from your busy schedules to relax and enjoy your family.

Jerri Siggy3





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Feb 18 2017

Lovely Fuchsias – In Memory of Jayne

Good morning sweet friends, I have a beautiful painted fuchsia card to share with you today!

I created the card by using a relatively new product line called Groovi. You may recall the lingerie pieces I did a few months back, I used the Groovi parchment craft system to create those designs as well (here and here). The designs caught the eye of Barbara Gray, the owner of Clarity Stamps, who created the Groovi system. Barbara has graciously invited me to design with her team and I have accepted . . . so tickled pink to be a part of the Groovi team and to contribute my “take” of designs using the amazing Groovi products.

Fuchsia Jerri Jimenez

One of the things I love most about the Groovi system is the unlimited combinations of designs that can be created using the acrylic plates, there are now over 300 plates to select from. You all know me well enough by now to know how much I enjoy painting. Today I want to share with you the process of how I created this lovely card.

IMG_9895 copy

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I created the design: The plate has multiple stacking hearts, each heart shape is a groove etched in the acrylic plate. You simply place the plate on a light box, grooved side up, place a piece of parchment paper over the plate, use an extra small ball embossing tool (1mm) and emboss over the grooved shapes. For smooth embossing I rub a Bounce dryer sheet over the parchment first.

IMG_9894 copy

I selected the largest heart shape on the plate for my design. I placed this piece of parchment paper onto the heart plate and embossed the heart, I turned the parchment paper over to see this lovely white embossed heart . . . a beautiful white perfectly embossed heart . . . so easy!

IMG_9896 copy

This is an acrylic plate with multiple fuchsia images on it. Again, those white lines are grooves in the plate. You place the parchment on the plate over the flowers and emboss within the grooves using an embossing ball tool (1mm). This is where the fun begins, you have multiple options available to create a gorgeous design and make it your own! The late Jayne Nestorenko was the artist who designed this lovely plate, acrylic stamps of these images are available as well.

IMG_9919 copy

If I’m running short on time and choose not to paint an image, I can easily emboss a design and place it on a pretty card base as I have done here. This lovely card took all of five minutes to emboss, about ten minutes to perforate and cut the lovely card base, a sweet little bow to accessorize the card and it’s finished . . . a perfect birthday card to give to someone special.

IMG_9898 copy

Since I opted to paint the card, I needed to create a template/pattern for the painting. To do this I placed a black piece of card stock on the back side of the plate and made a photocopy of it. The white groove lines popped bright white and were very easy to trace. Now here’s a cool tip: To create a mirror image of the plate, flip it over and place the black card stock on the front of the plate and make a photocopy . . . voilá . . a mirror image.


To create the heart outline, I placed a sheet of copy paper over the heart plate and using a light box traced the grooves of the largest heart with a regular pencil (sharpen the lead to a point to fit within the grooves). I removed the acrylic plate from the light box and then placed the photocopy of the fuchsia flowers on the light box and placed the traced heart over it and traced the design as shown above. At this point there are multiple possibilities for a design, let your creativity take over.

IMG_2232 copy

I placed the parchment paper I embossed the heart on earlier (see several pics above) over the fuchsia template to paint the image above with Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. I lightly colored the image with Polychromos pencils and used Dorso Oil to blend the color; I used the water color pencils to paint the shading and fine details.

IMG_2237 copy

Once the painting was completed and allowed to dry thoroughly, I shallowly perforated around the edge of the embossed heart with a 3-needle perforating tool. Small circles were embossed around the perforations, I then embossed the flowers and leaves. Once all embossing was complete, I perforated the border again with deeper perforations, cutting the deep perforations with parchment scissors.

IMG_9897 copy

To create the card base, I traced the largest heart again with a pencil, enlarged the pattern with a photocopier and sketched the scallop border around the larger heart to create a template.

Fuchsia 3

I placed white parchment paper over the largest heart on the acrylic plate and embossed it, I then cut out the heart with regular scissors (fussy cutting) and adhered the painted heart on top of the white parchment heart using Perga Glue. The focal image was adhered to the card base using Perga Glue. I placed tiny bits of Perga Glue in the darkest areas of the paint so that it wouldn’t show through. To make the card base, I placed a sheet of regular parchment paper over the card base template and traced the scalloped border with white lead and embossed it. I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils to shade the parchment in shades of pink and lavender around the border, using Dorso Oil to blend the colors. The border was perforated with a 2-needle perforating tool and cut with parchment scissors.  Using the scalloped pattern I made above, I traced and cut a pink layer of card stock to insert inside the card base as an inner card.

This all sounds like a lot of work, but it was truly easier than it sounds. With a light box and photocopier it’s very easy to create beautiful parchment patterns with the acrylic plates.

IMG_9924 copy

A close up of the embossing illustrates the clean, crisp embossed lines achieved by using the Groovi plates. The possibilities are truly endless! What a simply beautiful card to present to someone special!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Groovi system, please feel free to e-mail me. Barbara has a wonderful you tube video demonstrating the Groovi system plates here, as well as multiple other you tube videos demonstrating various projects here.

Thanks so much for stopping by, sending you sweet warm Spring wishes. I’ll be back soon to share more!

Jerri Siggy3





Products used to create this card:

Groovi:   Shaped Heart Plate

Groovi:  Fuchsia Plate

Groovi:  Parchment Paper

Pergamano:  3-Needle Perforating Tool; 2-Needle Perforating Tool

Pergamano:  Dorso Oil

Pergamano:  Hockey Stick, Extra Large Embossing Ball, Small Embossing Ball, Extra Small Embossing Ball and  Fine Embossing Ball Tools

Pergamano: Parchment Scissors

Embossing Mat; Perforating Mat

Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

Faber-Castell Water Color Pencils


DaVinci #1 Sable Watercolor Brush






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