Jan 27 2016

Lace Borders White Work

This pattern includes both lace and white work with shadow embossing. The pattern is from a pamphlet of patterns from Dorothy Holness. Dorothy’s patterns are well know throughout Europe, her work is loved by all, her workshops were filled to capacity. How I wish I could have been present at one of those workshops.

Dorothy's White Work 3

A grid was used for the lace borders. I lightly traced the pattern with a white pencil, once the focal image was embossed, I removed the white pencil lines with a bit of Dorso Oil. I embossed, perforated and cut the lace borders.

Roses White work

I used regular parchment paper for the outer and inner cards and dorsed the inner card with Pergamano’s Dorso Crayons to create a rainbow pattern on the inner card.

Dorothy's White work Card 1

Thank you so much for your visit, until next time .   .   .

Jerri Siggy3

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Jan 24 2016

Lace White Work Card

White work is a popular form of working parchment cards, its resemblance to lace is classically elegant and timeless. Julie Roces is a master at lace work and it was with joy that I worked this design from her book, Royal LaceI find parchment incredibly relaxing and enjoy working white work designs.

Salmon Lace Card

The card consists of six layers of parchment, the inner and outer cards are made of regular parchment paper. The extra inner card is made of salmon pink parchment paper. I traced the entire pattern with white Tinta ink on both the front sheets. Embossing was completed with the extra small ball, small ball and large ball embossing tools. I used the 2-split and 4-split perforating tools to perforate the bows and edges of all layers of the card and then cut all six layers with Pergamano cutting scissors.

Salmon Lace Card 2

I included this picture of the card taken with sunlight behind it to illustrate the beautiful translucency of the parchment. I’m very proud of how well this card turned out, it was a complicated card to cut, there being six layers to cut through.

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Jerri Siggy3

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Jan 20 2016

Precious Fairy

I love fairies, ethereal fairies, whimsical fairies, fairies that delight. Gerti Hofman has published a book of designs illustrating the fairies of Marina Fedotova entitled Enchanting Cards. It is with pleasure that I work these patterns and share them with you.


This sweet little fairy is a delight! What little girl wouldn’t love to receive a card like this on her birthday, perhaps with a fairy doll, or perhaps a fairy tea party with friends.


The card is made of regular parchment paper (outer card) and rainbow parchment paper (inner card). I painted the fairy with Pergamano’s Pergaliners. I traced the edge of the outer card with white tinta ink and embossed the line with a one needle perforating tool. A multi-grid was used for the designs in the scallops. The fairy was lightly embossed. Small and medium pearls were applied on the scallops on the outer card.


A closer view to show the detail in the hair, dress and wings.

Thank you so much for your visit, until next time .   .   .

Jerri Siggy3

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